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Cigarettes Nation / (Curse of ) The Downtown Dogz Maret 6, 2009

Posted by AdjieME in share lirik lagu fav.

Here come the nightmares

from a crowded city square

They`re hiding in the dark

They`re sleeping in the park

I said, “Do you have the light?”

“Well, Iam out of cigarette”

“Look at the man in the cab,I bet he have what we need,

but we have to make him dead!”

Rich man is making money

He is busy in the day

Poor boys buying fast-love

Mess-up, drive thru the nite

I see snow its fallin down the city

This city will burnt

This city will burnt

I hear poor boys crying for dignity

Oh, anybody wants to take him home?


I am not complaining about the weather in the sky

Its just a vision of a future of a bloody sunday

Oh, sir or madam would you hear this lullaby

And pay attention to the bridge?

It will turns your dreams into nightmares

Its just a curse of the Downtown Dogz

We will catch you when you leap

We watch you while you sleep

Your moneys save in the bank

When theres a thieve in the nite

The dogz ready to fight!

Here come the nightmares

from a crowded city square

A killer… A robber… A ripper… A burglar

Just name it! We have it there!



1. hawa_1601 - Maret 7, 2009

biarin lhoo,
artikel ku panjang kek,
pendek kek,
org saya yg nulis,

2. Afif - Maret 9, 2009

Wah.. pinter bahasa inggris nih…

3. Alfiyan - Maret 14, 2009

Artine opo boz?
Hahahaha . . . . . .

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